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Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special featured the return of the show’s classic Celebrity Jeopardy sketch, and no celebrity topics were off limits.

Embattled comedian and actor Bill Cosby found this out and then some.

Saturday Night Live: Celebrity Jeopardy Returns!

The TV icon, who has been accused by almost 30 women of sexual assault, was mocked by longtime cast member Kenan Thompson during the skit.

“It’s our Video Daily Double and it’s about alcoholic beverages,” Will Ferrell, reprising his role as Alex Trebek, began before the Cosby Show star got skewered.

“Let’s hear what this celebrity has to say about his favorite cocktail.”

Starting to ramble in vintage Cosby fashion, Thompson creepily shook a cocktail shaker before Ferrell immediately started apologizing to the faux audience.

“Oh dear God, no. Oh dear God, no. I’m very sorry. We filmed that in June,” said the Trebek stand-in during the hilarious, star-studded Sunday sketch.

Other "celebrities" included Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber, Alec Baldwin’s Tony Bennett, Jim Carrey’s Matthew McConaughey and yes, Darrell Hammond’s Sean Connery,

The SNL 40th anniversary special also paid tribute to Tracy Morgan and paid homage to countless classic stars and skits from the last four decades.

As for Cosby, the accusations seem to never cease against the 77-year-old. Just in the past few days, two more woman claimed Cosby drugged them.

Linda Brown and Lise-Lotte Lublin came forward and accused Cosby of plying them with pills, flipping them over and sexually abusing them like rag dolls.

Helen Gumpel also came forward with striking allegations last week.