Betty White and Bradley Cooper Makeout on SNL 40: Hilarious or Horrific?

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If you're one of the millions of Americans who watched the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special last night, then you know one star-studded sketch stood out for its cameo-heavy absurdity and sheer audacity. 

No, we're not talking about the return of celebrity Jeopardy, although that was epic in its own right. (How we've missed you, Darell Hammond as Sean Connery!) 

We're referring to The Californians - a recurring soap opera parody that featured a surprising moment that was every bit as divisive as the sketch itself has been over the years:

Sure, guest spots from Bradley Cooper and Betty White are always welcome, but the May-December makeout toward the end of this clip left some viewers with a general icky feeling.

We found it funny in a cringe-inducing way, and frankly, we thought Taylor Swift's accent was much harder to watch, but some folks on Twitter found the moment to be in poor taste. 

We can't shake the feeling that some of the criticism may have stemmed from jealousy over the fact that at 93, Betty is still an in-demand entertainer who sucks face with A-list heartthrobs on live television.

But hey, haters gonna hate - a fact we're sure Ms. White has come to terms with after 70 years in the public eye. Here's hoping she's still around for a cameo on SNL's 50th anniversary.

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