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Sarah Palin, the former republican vice presidential candidate, deftly defended herself from hecklers at the SNL 40 taping on Sunday night.

Sarah Palin Rips SNL Hecklers

Palin’s heckler seems to think she’s showing TOO MUCH skin. Which is a first in my book. It’s rare to hear hecklers screaming for modesty. It’s usually "TAKE IT OFF" not "MAYBE PUT A LITTLE MORE ON, HONEY!"

She yells: "Are you in show business?" Followed a little later by "Don’t be jealous!" This seems to be Sarah’s way of saying, ‘Are you in show business? Cuuuuz, I am! I’m on this side of the rope and you’re on that side. Don’t hate!’

SNL is famous for their parodies of Sarah. She’s always been a good sport about it, and was at the taping to do a cameo during the Q&A segment, where she asked Jerry Seinfeld how much Lorne Michaels would pay her to run again in 2016.

During the taping, however, she was noticeably uncomfortable sitting next to Taylor Swift. And as always, controversy followed her out the door as she greeted the real world.

But controversy is never far behind Sarah. She recently infuriated animal rights activists after she posted a video of her son standing on the family dog. She defended herself by saying that she wanted to piss of PETA.

Then she accused president Obama of "eating dog."

Yup, you heard it right … EATING DOGS!

Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit that Sarah Palin is one hell of a celebrity. She can’t be taken down by conventional means. So your average heckler or paparazzi barker is dead in the water.