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With the Bruce Jenner sex change news dominating headlines, and with Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner posing for their usual array of revealing selfies, many may be wondering:

What is Rob Kardashian up these days?

The answer: throwing himself a pity party!

Old School Rob Kardashian
Rob Kardashian Shirtless

In honor of Throwback Thursday last week, the reality star posted a couple of old school photos, first sharing one of him and a friend from over a decade ago.

"Me and riles just chill zoning in Daniels kitchen; riles got the chops sideburns going strong and I got the Ronaldo hair cut going strong. W.W.J.D. To the max," Rob wrote as a caption.

He also posted a snapshot of himself flexing wh ile shirtless.

"Last throwback of the day," he penned, before trying to beat folks to the critical punch. "And yes I’m fat now so yall haters can literally suck d–k."

Well…. okay then!

While his family continues to make constant news, Rob has been off the celebrity gossip radar for awhile now.

He left Europe early during Kim Kardashian’s wedding weekend to Kanye West last May and then quit Instagram. There have been rumors of drug abuse and even a visit to rehab.

But fans rushed to praise Rob after he posted the above pictures, with one follower humorously noting:

"I’m fat too. Who gives a s—. Chipotle and in n out are the f—ing best."

Kardashian appreciated the support, writing in response to many positive shout-outs:

"Lol I’m actually laughing at your comments haha. Especially the one two above the in n out and chipotle comment but that in n out and chipotle comment is a mind reader… love you all."