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Ozzy Osbourne wants Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush to "lay off" his daughter Kelly Osbourne in the wake of the Giuliana Rancic-Zendaya controversy.

Either that or get ready for a boot in your behind. Bitch.

After Bush defended his friend Rancic on air, quoting her as essentially blaming the Fashion Police writers for the controversy, Ozzy was not thrilled.

"Stop acting like a bitch. Act like a man," the 66-year-old rocker Tweeted at Bush. "Lay off Kelly or we’ll be going to hospital to get my foot out of your ass."

"God Bless."

Ozzy’s comments were came after Bush addressed Rancic and the scandal over her controversial Fashion Police remarks about Zendaya’s dreadlocks.

In a five-minute segment, Bush seemed to call out and dismiss Kelly Osbourne’s claim that she warned Rancic about her now-infamous zing of Zendaya.

According to Bush, reports that Kelly tried to intervene and stop Rancic from commenting Zendaya’s dreadlocks smell like patchouli or weed are false.

"The Kelly Osbourne part… that never occurred," Bush claimed, adding that he "doubts" things are okay these days between Rancic and her E! co-host.

"How could it be good?" he questioned, then made the quote that probably most pissed off Ozzy: "Kelly Osbourne threw her under the bus, in my opinion."

"Giuliana is taking the hit for this," Bush said, noting that a writer was supposedly involved, that everyone knew it was coming, and no one found it offensive.

"That joke Giuliana delivered, it was a written joke. But that joke was a written joke, which means there were a lot of people involved, and nobody saw racism."

Meanwhile, Rancic issued an apology on E! News on Tuesday night, which Zendaya graciously accepted in an elaborate, eloquent Instagram post.

Kelly Osbourne, for her part, applauded Rancic for owning up to her failure, and Zendaya for looking past the incident that nearly got Giuliana canned.

Ozzy, clearly, is not feelingas diplomatic when it comes to Bush, who he felt was attempting to unreasonably discredit Kelly in defense of his friend.

Stay tuned.