Neil Patrick Harris Jokes About Academy Awards Hosting Fail

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At least Neil Patrick Harris can joke about not being funny.

The actor didn't generate many positive reviews from his hosting of the 2015 Academy Awards, as most critics gave the star points for trying.

But then negative feedback for failing.

Neil Patrick Harris as Host

"It was bound to happen eventually. Neil Patrick Harris, the man who can host anything, finally stumbled," The Washington Post's Emily Yahr wrote in her review, adding:

"While Harris does a great job hosting the Emmy Awards, the Tony Awards and even the TV Land Awards, the Oscars proved to be too much of a monster for even NPH to tame.

"It wasn’t a James Franco situation - Harris really tried... The overall problem was that Harris as host was just okay."

Time's James Poniewozik agreed that Harris was “game,” but the material was “limp,” while Alessanda Stanley of The New York Times panned Harris as “bland.”

To many, the Oscars show turned cringe-worthy at times, such as when Harris made an ill-timed quip about producer Dana Perry (after she talked about her son’s suicide) and a bad treason jibe about Edward Snowden.

(At least he didn't make a Green Card joke, though, right?)

Still, Harris appears to be keeping his head up.

"My iPhone shattered the morning of the Oscars," he Tweeted today. "I probably should have read more into that. #harbinger."

Hang in there, NPH. Everyone still loves you. And, look, not EVERYthing was a fail...

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