7 Best Neil Patrick Harris Moments from the 2015 Oscars

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Let's relive the five best hosting moments from the 2015 Academy Awards, shall we? You go, Neil Patrick Harris!

1. Academy Awards Opening Number

Academy Awards Opening Number
We all know Neil Patrick Harris can really sing and dance. But we were still blown away by how he opened the 2015 Academy Awards.

2. Paying Tribute to Birdman

Paying Tribute to Birdman
Before Birdman went on to win Best Picture at the Oscars, Neil Patrick Harris stripped down in tribute to the film.

3. Not My Tempo!

Not My Tempo!
During this same Birdman tribute, he jumped in (shirtless) with a Whiplash joke, yelling at Miles Teller on the drums, "Not my tempo!

4. He Went Shirtless! And Bottomless!

He Went Shirtless! And Bottomless!
Following his Birdman tribute, Neil Patrick Harris actually introduced the next set of presented in his underwear. Talk about going to any length for a laugh!


Channing Tatum was introduced by Neil Patrick Harris at the Oscars in the following manner: "He's the real deal, pants down! Hands down. Did I say pants? I meant pants."

6. He Mocked John Travolta

He Mocked John Travolta
Said Neil Patrick Harris upon introducing John Travolta: "Benedict Cumberbatch – it's not only the most awesome name in show business, it's also the sound you get when you ask John Travolta to announce Ben Affleck."

7. The Slamming of Harvey Weinstein

The Slamming of Harvey Weinstein
Harris was unafraid to take on anyone in Hollywood. To wit: "American Sniper focuses on a soldier with 160 kills, or as Harvey Weinstein calls it, a slow morning," he said at one point.

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