Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Battle of the Shocktagon

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Last night on Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 5, tensions were running especially high in the house ... and even more so inside the Shocktagon.

You don't even want to KNOW what that entails.

The tandems actually underwent shock therapy to learn to communicate, but did that help or hurt matters on Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 5?

Depends on how you look at it, we suppose.

Is administering electric shocks every time someone gives the wrong answer really a means to training them better? Or just raising tensions higher?

If you watch Marriage Boot Camp online, you know that it's as much about shock value (pun oh so intended) as it is getting the couples to a better place.

So we shouldn't be surprised, but still. Wow.

Perhaps the best thing to come out of this episode was Natalie Nunn telling Heidi Montag, “Don’t f--k with me… I’m going to beat your f--king ass."

Not surprisingly, Heidi stopped hiding from her rival and apologized, because if you know anything about Natalie, you know that's no empty threat.

Montag claims she wouldn't have had Nunn's man take his shirt off if she'd known Natalie would get upset, which is complete crap, but oh well.

They moved on. Now we shall do the same.

After the boot campers’ performances in Shocktagon, and another drill involving golf carts, their counselors tried to evaluate where things stand.

Kiwane is starting to open up. Well done.

Spencer Pratt is mocking Heidi at every turn, and is called out by Elizabeth for "deep rooted issues that you avoid by turning everything into a game."

Sounds about right.

Rachel and Tyson get lectured for not communicating well, but when you're on a show with Natalie, Speidi and Aviva Drescher, you could be worse off.

Natalie’s lack of respect for her husband is the biggest issue in their relationship, while Aviva and Reid Drescher were the most interesting all night.

Reid actually threw Aviva Drescher's leg (above), a la her infamous Real Housewives of New York City freakout, in the highlight of the evening.

After evaluations, Speidi picks up where they left off and begins fighting about the future. “I don’t want a baby, babies cry…” Spencer whines.

Takes one to know one.

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