Mark McGrath Dead? Not the Case, Sugar Ray Singer Says of Hoax

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Mark McGrath is not dead, despite a harsh online hoax claiming he was shot and killed this week. The Sugar Ray frontman assures us he is alive and well.

"Final word on the death hoax thing," the singer Tweeted Thursday after a rumor spread that he'd been killed in dramatic fashion on the set of his TV series.

The 46-year-old Don't Forget the Lyrics host told fans that "I knew nothing about it and found out the same time you did … sorry about any confusion."

A press release claiming the former Sugar Ray frontman died was sent to various media outlets from an email address linked to a L.A.-based PR firm.

The faux, detailed release claimed that McGrath had been fatally shot by a masked gunman on the Hollywood set of the Adult Swim show Hot Package.

"In honor of Mr. McGrath's legacy, his team is asking in lieu of flowers, fans post a Sugar Ray selfie, holding a packet of sugar over their heart," it read.

It also said McGrath died in the arms of show host Derrick Beckles.

But the death turned out to be a hoax, like so many others before it, and like other celebrity death hoax victims, McGrath had a sense of humor about it.

He retweeted a fan who wrote: "Thats cool you arent dead and stuff, but I had you in my Celebrity death pool and now I am out 8 bux, bastard!"

We hope he's kidding. Whoever had Mark McGrath ranked in their celebrity death odds 2015 table put a lot of thought into this morbid topic. Just saying.

Mark also retweeted another fan's quip: "you can drink enough whiskey to kill a large horse, there's nothing capable of being taking you down!!! #longlivemcgrath"

An Adult Swim spokesperson denied involvement in the hoax.

"This press release did not come from Adult Swim and is not part of any network PR or marketing campaign for the show Hot Package," the statement read.

The show, coincidentally (or not), premiers tomorrow.

The happy and healthy McGrath is married to wife Carin Kingsland, whom he wed in 2012, and recently welcomed twins Lydon Edward and Hartley Grace.

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