25 Times the Internet Killed Off a Celebrity

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These celebrities are not dead. Let's make that clear.

But at one point or another, their deaths were reported as Internet hoaxes, causing quite an uproar over the World Wide Web.

Let's relive some of the most memorable fake deaths, shall we?

1. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne has been the subject of more than one death hoax over the years ... and more than one actual near-death experience. So it's believalble.

2. Wayne Knight

Wayne Knight
Wayne Knight is alive and well. He has to Tweet this to the world after he supposedly died in a March 2014 car crash.

3. Chumlee

The Pawn Stars star also had to tell fans, via social media, that he was doing just fine in May of 2014.

4. Celine Dion

Celine Dion
Messages of "Rest in Peace" in regard to the singer were sent around social media in the summer of 2016. But she's alive.

5. Chloe Moretz

Chloe Moretz
Chloe Moretz was far from pleased about the hoax that killed her online.

6. Bindi Irwin

Bindi Irwin
Bindi Irwin is alive, well and all grown up!

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