2015 Celebrity Death Odds

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Sadly, some celebrities will kick the bucket in 2015. Here's a rundown of the odds, in case you're the betting type.

1. George R.R. Martin: 2-1

George R.R. Martin: 2-1
GRRM is only 66, but he might allow himself to croak in 2015 just to piss of Game of Thrones fans one last time. Valar morghulis!

2. Charlie Sheen: 3-1

Charlie Sheen: 3-1
Chuckles has been Hollywood's reigning Trainwreck King for a couple decades now. He's been living on a diet of coke and porn stars for so long that he could hold on for another 4 decades or lapse into a permanent coma this weekend.

3. Lindsay Lohan: 3-1

Lindsay Lohan: 3-1
Hollywood's second biggest trainwreck seems to be on the verge of cleaning up her act, but she's fed us that line before. If she gets invited to a party at Sheen's at any point this year, then bet the farm on LiLo.

4. Queen Elizabeth II: 4-1

Queen Elizabeth II: 4-1
Long live the Queen! Of course, she's 88, so she's already lived a pretty damn long time. Don't be too surprised if Liz 2 ascends to that big palace in the sky in 2015.

5. Keith Richards: 4-1

Keith Richards: 4-1
There's a good chance "Keef" could kick the bucket in 2015. Of course, that's true of every year since 1965.

6. Clint Eastwood: 6-1

Clint Eastwood: 6-1
Clint will turn 85 in 2015, and he's been living the Hollywood lifestyle since he was in his 20s. So naturally, there's a good chance America's favorite cowboy could ride into the sunset this year.

7. Ozzy Osbourne: 10-1

Ozzy Osbourne: 10-1
Could 2015 be Fate finally bites the Oz Man's head off? Probably not. Sharon could probably scare the Reaper off with her signature shriek.

8. Justin Bieber: 400-1

Justin Bieber: 400-1
The Biebs' bad behavior is mostly harmful to others, not to himself. Besides, he's reportedly quit sippin' sizzurp in order to focus on getting ripped.

9. Kim Kardashian: 1,000-1

Kim Kardashian: 1,000-1
Kim doesn't party and she can obviously afford the best medical care possible. Still, one butt implant enlargement gone wrong, and it's curtains for Mrs. West.

10. Taylor Swift: 14,000-1

Taylor Swift: 14,000-1
Barring a freak accident with a crochet needle, Swifty will almost certainly live to see 2016.

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