MAJOR Star Wars Spoiler Revealed: What Iconic Character Dies in The Force Awakens?

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We're still about ten months away from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but of course, fan theories and potential spoilers abound on the Internet.

We've already heard supposed "insider info" about the identity of the villain in Episode VII and even a full run down of the film's major plot points, but none of the spoilers have been confirmed and official information from JJ Abrams and company remains scant.

Basically, we've had one Force Awakens trailer and a bunch of rumors. But hey, the movie is still a long way off, so we'll continue to bring you credible rumors as they surfaces to help feed your Sarlacc Pit-like hunger for all things Jedi.

Today's rumor comes from the fansite Making Star Wars, which has proven to be a reliable source in the past, so yeah, possibly SPOILERS ARE COMING, in case you haven't picked upon that already:

If you've seen the trailer, then you're familiar with the hooded badass with the three-pronged light saber. 

Apparently, his name is Kylo Ren. Mr. Ren is not a nice guy, and sources say during a climactic scene in the film he murders Han Solo with that signature blade of his.

The on-set insider claims to have witnessed this scene being filmed. He adds that Chewbacca is present for the attack but is unable to prevent Ren from escaping.

Yup. Sorry if existence seems a bit more meaningless now. Blame Abrams, not us. 

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