Magic Mike XXL Trailer: Released! Ab-Tastic!

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Yesterday, Channing Tatum gave us our first glimpse at the Magic Mike XXL poster on Twitter.

Today, C-Tates is showing us a whole lot more:

The first trailer for MMXXL has officially been released, and it's just as sweaty and provocative as Channing's fans had hoped.

Little is revealed about the plot, and normally we'd make a "Like it matters!" joke, but folks forget that amidst all the bumpin' and grindin' there was a solid, character-driven film from acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh hidden within the first Magic Mike.

We know, we didn't come here for a discussion of cinematography and Rotten Tomatoes scores. You came here for scantily clad bros busting moves to Giunwine's "Pony," and that's just what this trailer delivers.

And you thought the Super Bowl commercials would provide the week's only teaser highlights!

Sadly, Matthew McConaughey was too busy waxing poetic abut his Lincoln to return for the sequel, but Magic Mike XXL does feature Michael Strahan in what's sure to be one of the most random cameos in stripper movie history.

Speaking of strippers, check out our list of celebrities who used to work the pole to make rent in the gallery below. 

It might help hold you over until MMXL hits theaters on July 1.

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