Fifty Shades of Grey Clip: Christian Grey Does Not DO Romance

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Christian Grey is not a man who does romance, Christian Grey makes clear in this clip from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, which hits theaters February 13.

Don't let his white wine drinking ways fool you. Romance is not the bad boy billionaire's thing. The dude's needs are more ... well, let him describe them:

Yes, Christian Grey is nothing if not an enigma.

So handsome, so successful, yet so damaged and obsessed with control. There is a softer side of him, though ... at least in Anastasia Steele's mind.

"Why am I here?" Ana asks Mr. Grey, who was wearing a shirt in the previous Fifty Shades of Grey scene we posted, but is thankfully not any longer.

"You're here," he states, pausing as if reading directly from the script of E.L. James' literary masterpiece, "because I'm incapable of leaving you alone."

SWOON. "Then don't," suggests Ana.

SWOON again. Cue dramatic sigh.

As for why he sent her some books, Christian tells his love interest that he "thought I owed you an apology." The reason he felt that is because, well ...

"For letting you believe that I ... listen to me, I don't do romance," Christian says, with emphasis. "My tastes are very... singular. You wouldn't understand."

Oh no? "Enlighten me then," she says.

He will, alright. Just you wait, girl.

The movie arrives in nine days, with its controversial R-rating but minus one of its most controversial scenes, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Can you even handle it?!?!

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