LeAnn Rimes Brags About Contributing to Food Drive, Continues to Be Lame

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LeAnn Rimes' Twitter page is usually devoted to talking trash about Brandi Glanville, but the singer and former reality star occasionally takes time out to remind fans of what an awesome step-mom she is.

This week, for example, Brandi not only bragged about what a great dad Eddie CibrianĀ is, she also gave herself a very public pat on the back for contributing to his kids' school food drive. Seriously:

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"I love watching my husband engage in every aspect of his sons' lives," LeAnn tweeted yesterday. "He's the greatest dad."

Nothing wrong with giving her husband some props. But then things get weird, as LeAnn decides that she deserves a shout-out as well:

"I'll be shopping for canned soups and beans to replace the ones we just unloaded for Jake's school project. He's loaded down #FeedingFamilies"

Yes, LeAnn goes back and forth between begging Eddie Cibrian for a baby and begging her fans for praise.

Did she really just brag about contributing to a food drive? She's been a millionaire since middle school!

Well, we guess since LeAnn's reality show got canceled, she's gotta stay busy somehow. Maybe this is just her way of hinting to Eddie (for the 4 millionth time) that it's time to put a baby in her.

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