Saved By the Bell Cast Members Remain Youthful, Flummox the Internet

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Jimmy Fallon helped reunite cast members from Saved by the Bell on Wednesday, as The Tonight Show featured a segment that has us so excited... SO excited... and not the least bit scared.

It was incredible to see Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez on screen together again, and not just because we positively adore Saved By the Bell.

But also because these four stars have somehow defied the aging process! 

Seriously. Look at those photos in the above gallery.

Compare their looks from 23 years ago (yes, 23 years ago!) to their looks now and try not to injure your jaw too badly from it dropping on the floor.


We have no idea how this is possible. But we are glad cell phone technology has at least advanced since the original days of Saved By the Bell.

As for why neither Dustin Diamond nor Lark Voorhies were involved in Fallon's genius reunion, one recently stabbed a guy and one may be bipolar.

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