LeAnn Rimes: BEGGING Eddie Cibrian For a Baby!

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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have a new reality show on VH1 so naturally it's time for them to start ramping up the drama in their lives.

Taking a page from the Tori Spelling-Dean McDermott fake relationship problems playbook, LeAnn and Eddie have begun leaking stories about their marriage to various tabloids.

But while much of the LeAnn and Eddie media blitz is cooked up by the couple's PR team, some stories have an air legitimacy to them.

Take, for example, the Radar Online report that LeAnn wants a baby, but Eddie is having none of it.

"LeAnn's begging Eddie to let her begin IVF, but he doesn't want more kids," says a source. "It's sad - not only is her body preventing her from getting pregnant, her husband isn't allowing it either."

It gets worse. The insider claims that when LeAnn broached the topic last month, Eddie suggested that she simply "get another dog."

LeAnn and Eddie reportedly tried for a baby last year, to no avail. Cibrian is said to have had a change of heart in the months since.

Sad stuff, to be sure, but probably still not dramatic enough to convince anyone to watch LeAnn & Eddie.

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