Kid Rock Thinks Selfies are "Gay," Rocks Otter Skin to Piss Off Animal Rights Groups

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Kid Rock claims to be "completely otter" his mind, and based on his comments in the following video, we're inclined to agree.

This isn't the seething Kid Rock that bashed Michael Moore and Seth Rogen on Twitter, but his opinions are likely to piss some people off anyway:

First, there's his jacket. Kid tells the cameraman that his outerwear is 100% otter skin ("for all the animal activists") and then opens it up to reveal that he's had the words, "Completely otter my mind," embroidered on the inside. Sure, why not?

Asked if he killed the otter himself, Mr. Rock replies, "I did not, but I would."

Of course, that's not the only controversial opinion expressed by the Early Morning Stoned Pimp over the course of this two-minute interview. According to Rock:

  • Selfies are "so gay." He might mean that as a good thing, though, because moments later he asks the male interviewer to fellate him.
  • He doesn't like New York City requires him to get up early? You lost us on that one, Kid.
  • He's a "nice guy." (The otter he's rocking might beg to differ.)
  • His favorite movie is Forrest Gump, because life is like an otter skin jacket, you never know what'll be stitched inside.

So there you have it. Kid Rock is still all about the homophobic slurs and getting blown on the street by TMZ cameramen.

He's a complex dude - a mystery, wrapped an enigma, wrapped in an otter.

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