35 Awesome Animal Videos

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Looking for animals acting in some kind of adorable or awesome manner? Look no further!

1. Penguins Continually Tumble Over Rope

These penguins are trying really hard to walk over this rope. But, hilariously, none can do so.

2. Lion Cubs Play with Father

Who knew lions could be so adorable?!? Watch some cubs play with their father in this video.

3. Rabbits SWARM Young Girl in Japan

Welcome to Rabbit Island, readers. Seriously. Look at this video.

4. Baby Panda Loves the Snow

This baby panda loves the snow. Look at the adorable guy go!

5. Deer Fart

This is a video of a deer farting. Not a lot more to say beyond that. Enjoy it.

6. Cutest. Animals. Ever.

Need to be cheered up today? Watch this video. You won't regret it!

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