35 Awesome Animal Videos

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Looking for animals acting in some kind of adorable or awesome manner? Look no further!

1. Penguins Continually Tumble Over Rope

These penguins are trying really hard to walk over this rope. But, hilariously, none can do so.

2. Lion Cubs Play with Father

Who knew lions could be so adorable?!? Watch some cubs play with their father in this video.

3. Rabbits SWARM Young Girl in Japan

Welcome to Rabbit Island, readers. Seriously. Look at this video.

4. Baby Panda Loves the Snow

This baby panda loves the snow. Look at the adorable guy go!

5. Deer Fart

This is a video of a deer farting. Not a lot more to say beyond that. Enjoy it.

6. Cutest. Animals. Ever.

Need to be cheered up today? Watch this video. You won't regret it!

7. Polar Bear Takes First Steps

This may be the cutest video we have ever seen. It's of a baby polar bear taking his first steps.

8. Monkey Swims in Bathtub

A monkey splashes around in a bathtub in this positively adorable video. Watch now.

9. Rat Stuck on Escalator

This rat stuck on an escalator is a metaphor for life.

10. 13 Animal Photobombs

Check out 13 of the best animal photobombs of 2013. You will not be let down by these classic pictures!

11. Elk Jumps on a Trampoline!

An elk jumps on a trampoline in this video. Really, what else do you need to know?

12. Baboon Fondles Reporter

This baboon and this reporter may need to get a room. Watch the former cop a feel of the latter, live on air, during this hilarious video.

13. Bear Walks Into Alaskan Bar

A bear walked into an Alaskan bar and then left after being yelled at. No, this isn't the start of a joke.

14. Hedgehog Parodies "Wrecking Ball" Video

A Hedgehog named Regina gives us her take on the "Wrecking Ball" video in this amazing footage. Watch and laugh now!

15. Baby Elephant Cries

This is the saddest story ever. A baby elephant reportedly cried for hours after his mother tried to kill him.

16. Girl Kisses Gorilla

A little girl befriends a gorilla in this adorable video. She even gets a kiss!

17. Duck Loves to be Vaccumed

This pet duck loves to be vacuumed. Which raises the question: Who has a pet duck?!?

18. Gorilla Takes Part in Easter Egg Hunt

This is a video of a gorilla take part in an Easter Egg hunt. In other words: it's a must-watch.

19. Tiny Hamster Eats Tiny Pizza

Prepare to totally melt. This is a video of a hamster eating a small piece of pizza.

20. Bear Rescues Cub from Highway Traffic

This awesome video depicts a mother bear rescuing her cub from oncoming traffic. Check it out!

21. Goat and Donkey: Total BFFs!

Watch this video to see a lonely goat refuse to eat and go outside... until his best friend arrives to live with him! It's unusually emotional stuff.

22. Seal Grows Concerned Over Fallen Girl

A girl and a seal play around in this video. Watch what happens when she falls down.

23. Baby Bears Fight, Are Adorable

The baby bears in this video are either fighting or playing. Either way: ADORABLE!

24. Jack Russell Terrier vs. Cobra

A Jack Russell Terrier takes on a cobra in this video. You may be surprised by who wins.

25. Baby Bear Eats an Apple

This tiny bears eats an apple and takes a bath in this video. It's the cutest thing we've ever seen.

26. Woman Sings Elephant to Sleep

This video features a woman singing an elephant to sleep. It’s sort of weird, and also very cool.

27. Goat Walks Without Wheelchair

Yay for Frostie! This goat is now walking without the aid of a wheelchair!

28. Pig Humps Armchair

This pig is clearly very lonely. Look at him try to hump this armchair.

29. Bear Searches Freezer for a Snack

This bear is hunting around a freezer for something he likes. Looks like he's come up with a pie!

30. Goats Play on Horse

These baby goats are playing on this horse. And this horse is totally cool with that.

31. Horse Sprints Into Fellow Horse

This baby horse is okay, folks. He just has to learn to look up when he sprints around.

32. Tiny Animal Birthday Party!

Ever wonder what a birthday party would look like for a hedgehog and two hamsters? Wonder no more!

33. Man Yells at Baby Goats

What happens when a man yells back at baby goats? They respond! Watch this video.

34. Goat Fails to Help Fellow Goat

In this video, one goat is stuck and another goat is trying to help him. But he just makes thing worse.

35. Tiny Deer Loves Belly Rub

No animal ever had loved a belly rub more than this baby deer. See what we mean in this adorable video.

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