Chris Soules: Still in Love With The Bachelor Winner! (But Who Is It?)

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The Bachelor star Chris Soules isn't saying which of his two remaining women this season has the edge, but notes that he is still in love with the winner.

(NOTE: The Bachelor spoilers can clue you in to who that is.)

"I'm still in love," Soules said at the Women Tell All taping after eliminating Kaitlyn Bristowe in Monday evening's episode in a bit of a surprise move.

But who's he in love with? Becca Tilley or Whitney Bischoff?

And the Winner is?

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The Iowan, who originally fought for Andi Dorfman's heart on The Bachelorette in 2014, obviously isn't saying until the finale one week from Monday.

Two of the women who were in serious contention for Soules' hand in marriage are free to weigh in on the subject of who he should pick, however.

"My bias is a little towards Becca just because she’s so funny and cool," said Britt Nilsson, who was eliminated in epic fashion before the hometown dates.

"Whitney is someone who loves kids and she’s totally into him. There are no questions in her mind if she loves him. She speaks her mind, she’s a very truthful person."

"I like Whitney a lot. [But] Becca, I think has all of those qualities, she’s also very truthful, she’s very sweet, she’ll be a great mom, but she’s also just fun."

Kaitlyn Bristowe seems to lean slightly the other way.

"I do feel like it’s a toss-up because out of everyone that I became friends with in the house, those are my two closest friends," the third-place finisher says.

"I feel like he made a very great decision with those being the final two because they are classy, unbelievable women. I think Becca is too good to be true."

"I think she needs to experience a lot more in life before she’s gonna settle down because she deserves great things and I don’t think she even knows how great she is."

Whitney Bischoff, by contrast, "has already established herself and she’s two hours from home and she’s ready for that. They have great chemistry."

"When I picture Whitney, I picture her being a good wife, I picture her wanting babies right away. In the grand scheme of things, I see Whitney as a wife."

"She’s a great, genuine human being."

Indeed she is, but Chris has two of those in the running. Who should he choose to bring home to Arlington, Iowa, to stay? Or did he already let the right one get away?

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