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Comedy Central has released a new teaser for the upcoming Justin Bieber roast.

And the video hits its target squarely on the back. Literally.

In the 18-second teaser, Bieber adds to his collection of tattoos by getting a giant bullseye etched on to his skin by roast veteran Jeffrey Ross.

"It’s f-cking perfect," Ross says, grinning, while Bieber winces.

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The upcoming roast will be taped in Los Angeles and hosted by comedian Kevin Hart, who has already warned folks that he’s prepared to "kill" Bieber with comedy.

An earlier Comedy Central promo for the special mocked the star’s infamous vandalism charge for throwing eggs at a neighbor’s home in California, as Bieber himself was egged in the footage.

According to various sources, Justin himself came to Comedy Central with the idea of a roast.

He’s on a path to redemption, having publicly apologized often over the past few weeks for his run of indecent behavior, and clearly thinks that a bit of self-deprecation can only help his image.

He’s probably right. We’re excited to see just how stars give it to Bieber when the Comedy Central roast airs on Monday, March 30.