Michael Keaton: Caught Pocketing Oscar Speech After Eddie Redmayne Win?

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Last week, when we offered up our predictions for the 2015 Oscars, we stated that Eddie Redmayne had become a favorite for the Best Actor prize after big wins at the BAFTAs and the Golden Globes.

That said, Michael Keaton was considered a lock throughout much of awards season, and many (including us) still believed that the beloved 63-year-old actor would walk away with the first Oscar of his career.

Apparently, Birdman agreed with our assessment, because here he is sheepishly shoving his acceptance speech back in his pocket after Redmayne's win:

Sad Oscar moment? Or the saddest Oscar moment?

Yes, yes, Redmayne did a very convincing Stephen Hawking impression, but as a former action hero who's been all but forgotten by the fans who once adored him, Keaton dug deep to put 100% of himself on the screen in what was surely the most ego-free and personal performance of the year.

Again, Eddie is a very talented actor, and he definitely deserves the award for Most Appropriate Last Name For a Ginger, but who knows when the Academy will get another chance to throw Beetlejuice a bone?

Giving all the night's top prizes to one film, and then failing to honor the man who carried just about every scene is almost as big of a snub as leaving Joan Rivers out of the in memoriam.

At just 33 years old, Redmayne has banged Taylor Swift and won a freakin' Oscar! It's just not fair, and...eh, maybe we're just pissed because we bet the farm on Keaton.

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