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Get ready for a tale of classy behavior from the always-dignified matriarch of the Shannon family.

As we reported last week, Uncle Poodle married Alan Stevenson in a ceremony that was supposed to be featured on TLC as a special episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. 

The episode never aired because the show was canceled in the wake of the June Shannon-Mark McDaniel sex scandal.

Poodle says he’s quite alright with the fact that the world will never see his wedding, because apparently it was a disaster…thanks in no small part to June’s behavior:

Uncle Poodle Photo

“From the time she showed up, June was goofy and incoherent,” Poodle tells Radar Online, adding that she appeared to be under the influence.

“She was really out of it. June mumbled that she had a toothache and slept for two or three hours. Production had to force her to get up for the ceremony. They were laughing, saying, ‘How can she show up like this? You’re getting married today!'”

“I wasn’t happy with June’s behavior or the way any of it went down.”

There were several drag queens in attendance for the ceremony, and they reportedly entertained 10-year-old Honey Boo Boo while her mother slept. Poodle says June leaving her kids unattended is nothing new:

“June usually doesn’t watch any of her kids. They do whatever they please.”

Poodle and Shannon have been feuding since the news of her affair with McDaniel went public. It was reported last month that Shannon has banned Poodle from her household and prevented him from seeing his nieces.