Kendall & Kylie Jenner, Willow & Jaden Smith: Linked to Dangerous Cult!

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The Jenner and Smith families certainly know how to cope with controversy.

The Jenners are the subject of constant media scrutiny and just last week photos of Willow Smith and Moises Arias in bed together sparked worldwide outrage and debate.

The Smiths weathered the storm nicely, with Jada Pinkett Smith stating that the photos are a non-issue and accusing the media of bullying her daughter. 

New rumors surrounding Kendall, Kylie, Jaden and Willow may not be so easily explained.

The Jenner and Smith kids have long been fans of posting spiritual and philosophical musings on their social media pages, and most have dismissed the more high-minded tweets as the ramblings of privileged teens who think they've got all the answers.

A new report from Star magazine, however, suggests the celebrity siblings may be involved in something far more dangerous than they realize:

The tabloid claims Moises Arias introduced the Smith kids to a cult that promotes polygamous sex, hallucinogenic drug use and bioterrorist activity. The Smiths then reportedly shared their new belief system with the Jenner sisters, who also got on board.

Sounds extreme, but a look at Willow and Jaden Smith's social media pages confirms that they have been reading the works of cult leader and accused terrorist Bhagwan Shree, known to his followers as Osho:

Willow Smith Reading Osho

The famous teens have allegedly joined a group committed to the study Shree's teachings called the Orgonite Society.

Willow and Jaden Smith: Cult Activity?

The image above shows Jaden and Willow involved in the making of Orgonite "pucks" designed to "balance energy" and - according to some Orgonites - help to defend againts possible alien invasions.

Bizarre stuff and not surprisingly, the Smith and Jenner families have declined to comment on their alleged cult involvement.

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