Dominic Sherwood: Who is the Hottie in Taylor Swift's New Video?

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Typically, when Taylor Swift comes out with a new music video, fans are left buzzing over her awesome(ly awkward) dance moves.

Or perhaps left grateful that they never dated the singer, considering her impressive ability to act like a psychotic ex-girlfriend.

But following today's release of Swift's Style music video, many folks out there are asking a very different question:

Who... is... THAT?!?

The subject in question is the young man who plays Taylor's love interest in the video - and his name is Dominic Sherwood.

He may be familiar to viewers of the film Vampire Academy, or to the lucky female celebrity who gets to wake up next to him in bed each morning.

But just who is Dominic Sherwood? What did he think of Swift the first time he met her? Which actress is he dating?

The answers await. Check them out above... and try not to get drool all over your keyboard in the process.

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