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Zendaya Coleman finds herself at the center of a scandal this week, all because of the way in which she chose to wear her hair Sunday night at the Academy Awards.

In response to the 18-year old’s dreadlocks, E! Fashion Police panelist Giuliana Rancic joked that Zendaya likely smells "like patchouli oil … or maybe weed."

Few, however, found this reference to be funny. Most found it to be incredibly offensive.

Zendaya has stood up for herself via a thoughtful Instagram post, while many well-known celebrities have shown support for the young star.

So it’s not as though she needs our help.

But in case Zendaya is feeling at all lonely these days, the photo gallery above ought offer some comfort.

From comedians to singers to actors and actresses, plenty of stars have made a name for themselves by rocking some serious dreadlocks over the years.

Does Rancic deserve to be fired over her remarks? We’d say the concept of a program aimed purely at judging others is what should get the axe.

No matter what happens to Giuliana, however, we hope Zendaya and the other big names featured here continue to wear their hair loud and proud.