Dominic Sherwood: 5 Things to Know About the Actor

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What should you know about Dominic Sherwood? So glad you asked!

1. He has two eye colors!

He has two eye colors!
It's a condition known as Heterochromia, and it also afflicts such stars as Kate Bosworth, Mila Kunis, and Josh Henderson.

2. He also acts.

He also acts.
Dominic Sherwood appeared in the film Vampire Academy and will play the lead in horror movie The Other. Sounds scary!

3. He also sings.

He also sings.
The bombshell has written many of his own songs, but is yet to record any. "That’s one of those things where if I’ve had a bad day or I’m feeling really happy, I’ll sit at home and write some stuff," he says. "It’s really more for me, when I’m at home alone."

4. He has a famous girlfriend.

He has a famous girlfriend.
Perhaps you've heard of her... Modern Family star Sarah Hyland! Lucky gal, huh?

5. He met Taylor Swift long before starring in her video.

He met Taylor Swift long before starring in her video.
And his impression of the singer? As told to Just Jared: "She’s beautiful, talented, hardworking, and she’s very genuine... I had read all these nightmare stories, and when I met her I was very pleasantly surprised that she seemed like one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. "

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