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In case you don’t recognize the name (And why would you?) Dascha Polanco is the actress who plays Dayanara Diaz on Orange is the New Black.

The role was obviously her big break, but if the details of a story that recently leaked online turn out to be true, Polanco could soon be better known for her questionable treatment of pets than for her acting.

Dascha stands accused of dumping her two healthy, well-behaved cats off at a shelter so that she could adopt two kittens.


To make matters worse, witnesses say Dascha’s cats were dropped off in a beaten-up cardboard box with air holes poked in the side. 

The actress had reportedly not called in advance to see if the shelter was accepting new animals and when a clerk told her they were unable to accommodate her cats, Dascha lost it and screamed, “Don’t you know who I am?”

The shelter eventually accepted the cats, and shortly thereafter, Dascha began posting photos of two very young kittens on her social media accounts.

Polanco has reportedly been added to the national DNA (do not adopt) list that’s circulated among shelters to identify irresponsible pet owners.

Celebrities mistreating pets is nothing new, but the callous, public nature of Polanco’s behavior makes it unique…as does the indignant response that she posted on Facebook:

“I walk with my head high and I’m nauseated by the ppl that bully and choose to express such hurtful words. So much progress to be done. #IEatBullies”

So it looks like in addition to the “Don’t you know who I am?” card, Dascha is a fan of playing the “BULLYING!” card whenever she’s the subject of criticism. Classy.

Watch Orange is the New Black online at TV Fanatic so that you can continue seeing Polanco as a nice, normal convict rather than a rude, whiny pet-exchanger.