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Last night, like Washington crossing the Delaware or Beyonce dropping a new album, Orange is the New Black Season 3 shocked us all with a surprise early arrival.

Thus far, reviews have been stellar, and the ladies of Litchfield have already been renewed for a fourth season.

Of course, one of the perks of setting a show mostly behind prison walls (aside from the huge savings in the wardrobe department) is that it’s easy to bring in new characters to spice things up.

Whether they’re guards, inmates or visitors, people come and go from our nation’s correctional institutions all the time. (Well, the inmates tend to come and not go, but you get the idea.)

The third season is a dreaded milestone for many shows, as historically, it’s a time when hit series begin to fall flat.

But with a sexy Instagram model as an inmate, a hipster comedian as a CO, and a beloved veteran actress as the woman who gave birth to Pornstache (gag), OITNB is keeping things fresh and, as always, surprisingly funny.

Check out our photo rundown of the cast and see how different some of the ladies look in real life: