Dan Bilzerian: Cleared on Bomb Charges, Hit With Bizarre Fine

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In case you're not already aware: Dan Bilzerian is an Instagram celebrity. But that description doesn't quite do him justice.

He's more like a walking caricature of manliness  - a bearded brute who's primary interests are firearms, stacks of cash and scantily-clad women.

Dan Bilzerian Gun Photo

This guy's arsenal is so huge his friends have predicted Bilzerian will be killed by his massive gun collection. We'll leave it to you to decide if he's compensating for anything.

Anyway, such an explosive lifestyle naturally creates occasional problems, such as when Bilzerian was arrested for trying to make a bomb back in December.

Today, however, Bilzerian demonstrated the power of a little charm and whole buttload of cash by being cleared of all charges without so much as any restrictions on his firearm usage.

The Most Interesting Man on Instagram will have to pay a pretty big fine, however...and for a very weird reason:

Bilzerian has to fork over 20 grand for blowing up his own tractor trailer. Apparently, he detonated the thing on public land, so the 20 G's will be used for cleanup.

Yeah, $20,000 for an outdoor cleanup. That must have been quite the explosion. Apparently, Dan's philosophy on explosions is the same as his view on beards: 

If you're gonna do something, do it big.

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