Dakota Johnson to Mother: You Don't HAVE to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey!

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Allow us to hand out one more 2015 Oscar before all hype surrounding this ceremony dies down:

The Most Awkward Moment of the Night goes to... Dakota Johnson and her mother, Melanie Griffith, for an exchange the two were part of on the red carpet.

Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith at the 87th Oscars

See, Dakota Johnson recently broke up Matthew Hitt, and so she decided to Griffith accompany her to the Oscars instead.

Everything was going great. Mother and daughter looked splendid together. And then ABC’s Lara Spencer asked the inevitable question to mother Melanie: "It seems like everybody has seen [Fifty Shades of Grey]. Have you?"

After Melanie repeatedly tells Spencer that she doesn't need to see the movie to know how talented her daughter is, Dakota loses her cool.

It's that all too familiar "ALLLLRIGHT" that we've all hit our parents with when they've said something a little too embarrassing in a forum that's a little too public.

Melanie laughed off the moment like a pro and a mom who's been there. But Dakota seemed a bit cranky, and that's understandable, since her plate's been pretty full recently:

  • Last night she presented Adam Levine's performance of the song Lost Stars.
  • Last week she was in New York at the SNL 40 taping.
  • This week she's hosting SNL for the first time.
  • Her movie Fifty Shades of Grey is out, a huge box office success but a critical flop.
  • Rumors abound that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan do not get along.
  • And now her mom is being all weird and stupid and whatever in front of, like, everybody at the Oscars.

I think we can all relate to having those moments with our family members where they just keep saying the wrong thing, even as they're trying to be cool.

We can't all relate to a spanking bench, though.

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