Brian Williams: Suspended By NBC For Six Months

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NBC has announced that Nightly News anchor Brian Williams will be suspended for six months without pay.

Williams has been accused of lying about events that took place while he was covering the Iraq War in 2003. 

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After he stated on his January 31 broadcast that he was riding in a helicopter that was shot down by an RPG, Williams was forced to admit that he had lied after several witnesses came forward with claims that Williams had, in fact, been miles away when the event that he described took place.

Since then, Williams' credibility has come under attack, and several media outlets have reported other instances in which Williams may have been less than honest with his viewers.

Last week, the New York Post claimed that Williams lied his experiences in Hurricane Katrina.

Today, the same newspaper reported that Williams lied about another war story, as he allegedly embellished the details of an incident that he experienced in Israel in 2007.

Williams announced a leave of absence from the network on February 8, and there was widespread speculation about whether or not NBC would take disciplinary action against the beloved newsman.

Williams reportedly had a meeting with network heads this afternoon where he was informed of their decision.

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