Brian Williams: Lying About SEAL Team 6, Berlin Wall and Pope John Paul II?

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Earlier this week, Brian Williams was suspended for six months from the NBC Nightly News after being accused of misrepresenting an incident that occurred while he was covering the Iraq War in 2003.

In the weeks since the news of the scandal first broke, the beloved anchor's credibility has come under attack and Williams has been accused of lying about everything from contracting dysentery to watching bodies float past his hotel after Hurricane Katrina.

Now, that the floodgates have opened, new allegations against Williams seem to surface daily, and today, at least three different accusers have come forward claiming that the the iconic newsman fabricated various events:

Brian Williams Does the News

First, the Huffington Post published an interview with former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb, who claims that Williams' was lying when he claimed to have been embedded with SEAL Team 6:

"My initial reaction is that it sounds completely preposterous," Webb says. "There's a healthy dislike toward embedded journalists in the SEAL community. And especially at SEAL Team 6."

SEAL officials confirmed that their teams do not work with embedded journalists under any circumstances.

One spokesman also expressed doubts about Williams' claim that a member of Team 6 sent him a piece of the helicopter that crashed during the mission to assassinate Osama bin Laden.

In addition to that accusation, Williams has been accused of lying about being "at the Brandenburg Gate the night the [Berlin Wall] came down."

Williams arrived in Berlin one day after the historic event. Since he likely would have witnessed some of the wall's physical removal, he might be technically able to say he was there when it came down, but the comment still seems like an intentional attempt to deceive.

Finally, CNN is reporting that Williams may have embellished an encounter with Pope John Paul II that took place while he was a college student in 1979.

Williams first claimed that he "shook hands" with the Pope, but later elaborated that they shared a brief interaction, during which he was blessed by the Pontiff.

Again, not the sort of thing that would be terribly incriminating on its own, but considering all when combined with the other accusations against Williams, stories like that may make it difficult for him to ever return to the job that made him a household name:

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