Valerie Fairman: 16 and Pregnant Star Arrested for Prostitution

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Most of the ladies who star in MTV reality shows about getting knocked up while still in high school have gone on to become revered pillars of their communities, but not everyone can be a fine upstanding citizen like Jenelle Evans, ya know?

That brings us to the sad case of 16 and Pregnant star Valerie Fairman.

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TMZ is reporting that Fairman was arrested for prostitution today after cops in New Castle, Delaware caught her in a sting operation.

Fairman, now 21, was arrested along with seven other women, in what must have been the most exciting day in suburban Delaware cop history.

Between people getting knocked up just to be on the show, and slugging their baby daddies, 16 and Pregnant already doesn't have the greatest reputation, and Valerie's arrest certainly won't help matters.

Fairman, who starred in season 2 of the controversial series is best remembered for seeming more concerned about her imploding relationship with her boyfriend than with the fact that she was about bring a freakin' child into the world.

Valerie has yet to speak on her arrest, but defense attorneys are expected to argue that it wasn't Fairman. Sorry, we had to.

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