Kate Middleton: Becoming More "Royal," Hiring a Larger Staff, Source Claims

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While Lorde and the rest of us have come to terms with the fact that we'll never be royals, Kate Middleton made the transition from commoner to duchess look downright easy.

Of course, those who watch Kate closely know that she's occasionally struggled a bit along the way, and who could blame her? Going from single gal to wife and mum is hard enough without becoming royalty at the same time!

First there was the interminable wait for Prince William to propose. Then there was Kate's difficult first pregnancy, marred by extreme morning sickness and the cancelation of a slew of public appearances. 

Kate's had many of the same issues with her second pregnancy, but this time, she's coping in a more regal fashion. 

Sources say Will and Kate have hired additional staff as they prep to bring baby number into the world.

Kate has reportedly hired a full-time maternity nurse to assist her for at least the first three months of the new baby's life, a luxury she eschewed with her first child.

"Kate and William loved the early weeks with Prince George," says one insider. "But it was hard work and the sleepless nights took their toll. Kate especially was exhausted."

Insiders say Prince Charles reacted to the news that Will and Kate were hiring more help with a royal, "'Bout time! Duh!"

"Charles is puzzled that William and Kate do not surround themselves with the usual array of royal staff that he finds essential to carry out his royal duties," says the source.

So there you have it. Kate might vacation in Mustique and live the high life 24/7, but at the end of the day, she's about as non-royal as a royal can be. We're sure that's just how her fans imagined her.

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