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2014 was a big year for Allison Williams.

She got engaged to Ricky Van Veen. She continued to star on one of cable’s most critically beloved comedies. And, of course, she played Peter Pan in a live NBC musical production.

That’s gonna be hard to top, but thus far, she’s certainly found a way to capture our attention in 2015.

If you watched Season 4 Episode 1 of Girls on Sunday night, then you know that Williams was featured in one of the most uncomfortable scenes ever featured in a mainstream television series.

No, we’re talking about when she performed at a "jazz brunch," though that was hard to watch too.

Allison’s first scene depicted a dude, um…shall we say, "tossing her salad." Actually, no. That doesn’t quite give you an idea of the enthusiasm with which this guy was going at it. 

Imagine if you’ve been starving for weeks and someone offered you a salad, but they insisted that it be thoroughly – thoroughly – tossed before you could take a single bite. Now you have an idea of what the world witnessed on Sunday night.

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As you may know, Allison’s father is beloved NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. So how did the revered journalist react to the sight of his daughter having her ticket to the Browns game tongue-punched on national television?

Well, as you might have guessed…he was thrilled!

"She’s always been an actress," said a proud Williams when asked about the scene. "For us watching her is the family occupation…No animals were harmed during the filming and ideally no one gets hurt."

You can’t ask for a more supportive response to having your seat eaten in front of millions of viewers.

The only question that remains is: was the scene as…in depth as it looked?

"I grabbed the makeup girl and said, ‘I want to smell like cake,’" Allison said of her preparation for the scene. "So we put vanilla cream everywhere so everything smells good. Then I said, ‘We’re going to rig something invisible from the side so it feels like a pillow when he puts his face in.’"

So there you have it. Devouring Allison Williams’ b-hole is like burying your face in a fragrant cake pillow. What dad wouldn’t be proud?