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Bill Cosby has mostly been in the news recently for allegedly drugging and molesting over 30 different women.

Now he’s coming forward to thank Eddie Murphy who rejected an offer to impersonate Cosby during the SNL 40 reunion show.

Every time Bill Cosby googles himself these days, he just keeps on getting bad news (two more women accused him of drugging/abusing them just this week).

So yeah … more bad news.

It was probably nice, from Cosby’s point of view, that his fellow comedian Eddie Murphy declined the opportunity to lampoon Cosby during the SNL taping earlier this week.

Cosby said via a spokesman, “I am very appreciative of Eddie and I applaud his actions.”

The action he’s applauding here is Eddie’s in-action during the SNL 40 show. Instead, Cosby’s former cast-mate, Kenan Thompson did the impression of Cosby during the Celebrity Jeopardy bit.

This is the second time a major comedian has come to Cosby’s aide. Roseanne Bar also recently said she’s pulling for him and hoping that he can “make it right.”

Of course, nobody is claiming he’s innocent, although he has yet to be officially charged by a court of law.

Cosby really is a sacred cow within the comedy community, if allegedly raping over 30 women can’t even get him a little bit of ribbing during a sketch show.

Cosby has famously refused to defend himself against the allegations. But he “applauds” Eddie Murphy’s actions? It’s as if Eddie was giving some speech or marching in a picket-line against a grave injustice.

Hey Bill Cosby, you’re lucky you’re NOT IN JAIL!!! Being made fun of should be the least of your worries!