Bill Cosby Memes Gone Horribly Awry

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The Internet has been having fun with a Bill Cosby meme generator. Much to the comedian's chargin.

1. Stare at the Sweater

Stare at the Sweater
Thanks a lot, Internet users. Now we'll never be able to watch The Cosby Show the same way ever again!

2. Did Bill Cosby Use Molly?

Did Bill Cosby Use Molly?
This is what happens when you ask the Internet to create a meme for someone accused of rape.

3. If You Know What I Mean!

If You Know What I Mean!
Bill Cosby has always been well known for his affiliation with pudding pops. But he's also now known for many raping some women.

4. Drugged?!?

Bill Cosby is a funny man. But there's nothing funny about the rape allegation that have surfaced around the star.

5. Yech!

This is so not how we wish to remember the Huxtables.

6. Compared to Woody Allen

Compared to Woody Allen
You know things are bad when folks are comparing you to Woody Allen.

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