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Hey, is it hot in here?

Or is it these sizzling superheroes who scintillate and seduce on the small screen every week?!?

Indeed, you can keep your Avengers. You can have your Spider-Man (or Spider-Men, considering the many incantations of this webbed teenager). We have no interest in your Batman.

We’ll take a former rich playboy in a hood.

We’ll clamor for a sarcastic vampire, a pair of supernatural hunters and, oh God yes, please hand over the fastest man on Earth.

On a nearly daily basis, television is delivering red hot superhero action straight into our living room these days, from Stephen Amell’s abs on Arrow Season 3 to Ian Somerhalder sinister smirk on The Vampire Diaries Season 6.

And the best part of all? Aside from the simmering looks of the actors and actresses listed above?

You need not move off your couch or pay $47 for a movie ticket to drool over them? They are easy on the eyes and on the wallet! Go ogle away, readers.