Teresa Giudice Prison Details Revealed: What Was Her Last Pre-Slammer Meal, and Why Might Joe Giudice NOT Be Allowed to Visit?!

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Early this morning, Teresa Giudice reported to prison to begin her 15 months as a resident of Danbury Correctional Institution in Connecticut.

We already know that Teresa will be "targeted" by other inmates as a result of her fame, but now we're beginning to receive more details about the disgraced reality star's final hours as a free woman, as well as what her life will be like behind bars.

Teresa Giudice: Skeptical

Around 2 am Monday morning (just over an hour before she turned herself in to authorities), Teresa was spotted at Elmer's Diner in Danbury, enjoying an egg sandwich as her last non-prison meal.

Witnesses say she looked surprisingly upbeat, and spent most of the meal on her phone, saying goodbye to family and friends.

She was joined by her husband, and hopefully they made the most of their time together, because sources say Joe might be forbidden from visiting Teresa for the entirety of her sentence:

"There is a good chance that Teresa and Joe will not even be able to see each other while they are serving their time, because you are not allowed visits from anyone who has been convicted of a felony," says former convict Jody Gibson.

Joe of course, pled guilty to the same fraud charges for which Teresa is now doing time. Joe's 41-month sentence will begin after Teresa is released. 

In addition to the bad news, Gibson has some important advice for Teresa:

"There are certain rules that she will quickly learn," Gibson says. "For example, if she is not up on her hygiene, the other girls will complain and they will get everyone to gang up on her."

"Even though Teresa is a strong woman, she must learn to get through her sentence by not accepting favors, not making any friends, and not making promises to anyone."

Should be easy enough. If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, then you already know Teresa is highly skilled at not making friends. Good luck in there, T!

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