Johnny Manziel: Doused With Drinks During Nightclub Melee!

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Maybe we should re-nickname him Johnny Tabloid, because it seems the Cleveland Browns' disappointing QB is making headlines just about everything but football these days.

Before his brief and thoroughly unmemorable first NFL season even began, Johnny Manziel was caught using cocaine (allegedly) in a Vegas nightclub.

Then, in November, Manziel was involved in a massive brawl with fans.

Now, we can notch up another one for Manziel in the one statistical category in which he dominated the league this year - embarrassing nightclub incidents!

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Yes, it's being reported today that Manziel was involved in yet another drunken dust-up over the weekend. This one took place at Dekan nightclub in Houston, TX.

A club promoter identified only as JR related the epic tale to TMZ, and it sounds an awful lot like a Johnny Football story we've heard too many times before:

Apparently, some club patrons being loudly joking about Manziel's lackluster season. The joking escalated to heckling, and Manziel threw the crowd an angry middle finger.

The crowd responded by hurling drinks at Manziel, and that's when things got out of hand.

"I ducked and I looked at Johnny and we grabbed security and they ran us out of there," says JR.

The drink-throwers were tossed out of the club, while Manziel changed out of his booze-soaked attire and returned to party some more.

In fairness, it sounds like this one wasn't actually Johnny Football's fault, but still - given his long history of nightclub ugliness you'd think the dude would just stick to drinking at home.

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