Taylor Swift: Texting Leonardo DiCaprio "Nonstop," Source Says

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File this under: Recipe for Disaster.

Sources close to Taylor Swift tell the National Enquirer that Swifty wants to get close with the only thing that's spent more time posing for selfies with Victoria's Secret models than she has: That's right - Leonardo DiCaprio's beard.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Beard Photo

Leo is recently single, having been dumped by Toni Garrn, and Taylor just wrapped up the best year of her career, which is why she supposedly believes that she and Leo would be a match made in STD-riddled heaven.

That, and the fact that she probably really, really loves Titanic:

"Taylor has the hots for Leo, so she had her manager reach out to his people," a source tells the tabloid. "Taylor wanted to feel Leo out to make sure he's good boyfriend material."

Let us answer that one for you, Tay-Tay: He's not.

Great actor? Of course. Nice guy? Sure. Boyfriend material? We just went went into a seizure of LOLs.

Perhaps Taylor's not aware that Leo left a club with 20 models just last month. Maybe she likes a challenge?

Or maybe she's just looking for heartbreak material for her next album. Either way, Swifty is supposedly smitten, and insiders say she's been "texting Leo nonstop."

Amazingly - and this is how we know this report is probably BS - the feeling is supposedly mutual:

"Taylor is exactly Leo's type - tall, blonde thin and gorgeous. He's even more turned on by her success."

Taylor is indeed gorgeous and successful, but she's missing a key component of Leo's ideal woman - the ability to transform herself into 20 models!

Not surprisingly, Taylor's friends - including her BFF Karlie Kloss - are reportedly not crazy about the idea of her filling her blank space with Leo peen:

"Taylor's mom, pals Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss are very concerned about Leo's spotty dating record and heavy-duty partying," says the insider. "But Taylor knows what she wants and she thinks they'd make the perfect power couple."

Well, she does hang out with, like, every model. If she's willing to turn that power couple into a power four-way, this thing could work.

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