Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss: BFF Alert!

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Looks like Taylor Swift has a new bestie.

Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss and the singer are on a road trip through California, checking out the sights, posing for pics and having a blast.

"Beach, forests, cliffs, Northern California, sand, flower picking. Best road trip ever," Taylor captioned one picture with Karlie. See cuteness below:

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss
Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss

The Grammy winner has apparently added another famous pal to a roster that includes Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Hailee Steinfeld, Sarah Hyland, and Lorde.

Miley Cyrus? Not so much. In fact, a hilarious tabloid rumor recently implied that Swift, Gomez and Lovato are planning an epic takedown of frenemy Miles.

We suspect that's BS, but the Swift-Kloss friendship is the real deal. The pair cruised up the Pacific Coast Highway on a road trip to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.

The friends posed for Instagram shots in the park's giant forest, took in the breathtaking views, visited a bakery and frolicked up and down the beach together.

Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift

In addition to Kloss, 21, Swift, 24, has spent time with several Victoria's Secret models after performing at the brand's annual fashion show in the fall.

Last month, she also had a girls weekend with youngster Lorde. The girls hit the beach in Malibu, Calif., before heading out for a day of shopping. So cute!

"Looks like they are really friends!" a source said. "My girlfriend saw them at Paradise Cove together this weekend. They were laughing and joking around."

Sometimes, a good time with a good girlfriend beats a boyfriend hands down.

Especially some Taylor Swift boyfriends who didn't exactly treat her right ...

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