Tara Reid Bikini Photo: Fans Cry Photoshop Fail

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As this recent photo of Tara Reid nude showed, the 39-year-old alleged actress is not afraid to share her body on social media, and why would she be?

If you've got it, flaunt it, as the saying goes.

However, the blonde's latest Instagram offering - a smoking hot, soaking wet bikini photo - also features a dent on her waist that has some fans crying foul.

We know ... Tara Reid has fans?!

Tara Reid Photoshop Fail

If you're going to alter your own photos, you gotta do a better job than making your body look like someone used an ice cream scoop on your abdomen.

At least Beyonce thigh gap pics are sort of realistic looking. On the plus side, Tara's followers who are worried about her weight might have less to worry about.

If she's doctoring photos to make herself appear thinner, that is a pretty sad state of affairs, but it stands to reason that she may not actually be this thin.

So there's your silver lining at least. You're welcome.

“Eat something please,” wrote one fan, echoing the sentiments of many more, while another asked the Sharknado star, “You don’t look happy, do you?”

She never really does, but perhaps that's just her channeling her inner Kim Kardashian and trying not to smile. Causes too many wrinkles in pics, don'cha know.

Not every follower was player hating, at least.

“Your [sic] getting to [sic] skinny, eat some pasta or donuts. You still look hot tho!” wrote another fan who is still carrying a torch for the one-time American Pie hottie.

Anyway, what do you think of the above pic?

Where does it rank among the all-time photoshop fails (below)? Did she really photoshop it or is she losing so much weight, her waist really is concave? Discuss!

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