Tara Reid: Nude (And Actually Hot) For 2015!

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Tara Reid has had a few ups and a lot of downs during her years in the spotlight. 

Recently, Tara's been enjoying a minor career renaissance thanks to her role in the unexpectedly popular Sharknado films.

She's even released a perfume called "Shark," but we can't really blame her for trying to cash in while she can. American Pie was a long, long time ago, and the years haven't been particularly kind to Tara.

In a recent interview, Reid said she was "butchered" by a plastic surgeon, but she said that she's still open to the possibility of having more work done.

No one knows for certain if Tara has gone under the knife again, but if she has endured more nips and tucks we think it's safe to say she found a more competent doc this time around:

Tara Reid Nude Photo

Tara posted the above photo to Instagram yesterday with a caption reading simply, "Happy new year."

We're sure it's a happy one for Tara, who's semi-relevant again for the first time since the late 90s. (Like we said, American Pie was officially forever ago.)

More importantly, however, Tara looks healthy and sober-ish, which hasn't happened since she was able to pass as a high school student in a movie about violating pastries.

Granted, she could be benefiting from expert Photoshopping here, but there's no way she could afford to pay someone to do it, and if she altered the pic herself, then she must have put down the bottle for a good 10-15 minutes, which beats her record for the last five years combined!

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