Maria Shriver to Patrick Schwarzengger: Dump Miley Cyrus or I'm Cutting You Off!

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With all due respect to Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin, the most unexpected celebrity couple of 2014 had to be Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus.

Not only is Arnold's offspring a clean-cut college boy, he's also a member of one of the most influential political families in US history.

By contrast, Miley has spent the last several years pioneering methods for smoking weed while twerking.

Needless to say, plenty of folks were shocked when these two started hooking up, including Pat's mother, Maria Shriver.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver
Miley Cyrus Instagram Snap

Sources say Maria does not approve of Miley, and has been trying to convince her son to find a more appropriate, less perma-stoned girlfriend.

Despite her best efforts, however, the two have only grown closer, and some insiders have already stated that Pat and Miley are in love

Perhaps feeling that she's been left with little choice, Maria has reportedly decided to take a page from her philandering ex's playbook and pull out the big guns:

"Maria is hoping the shock tactic of threatening to cut Patrick off financially will scare into giving Miley the elbow," says a source close to the situation. 

However - the insider adds - Patrick "would rather be with Miley than have money."

See, that's the problem with Maria's tactic:

Miley is loaded in her own right, so Pat wouldn't be forced to choose between his relationship and his lavish lifestyle; he'd just be forced to mooch of his girlfriend for a little while.

And given how smitten Miley seems to be, we doubt that would be much of a problem.

Continue to live off your insanely wealthy family or be temporarily supported by your insanely wealthy girlfriend? It's good to be Patrick Schwarzenegger.
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