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First, they were maybe sort of dating.

Then, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus were caught kissing on camera (below).

Now, an insider tells E! News that the couple has picked up momentum and may be totally head over heels for one another.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Kisses Miley Cyrus

The pair enjoyed went out to Mr. Nice Guy in West Hollywood on Saturday night, with an onlooker saying Miley and Patrick seemed “so happy together” while meeting friends for drinks.

They remained close throughout the evening and even held hands at one point. EEEK!


"She was beaming, she seemed so happy to be by his side," the witness says. "And he obviously feels the same, he couldn’t take his eyes off her."

Neither Schwarzenegger nor Cyrus has confirmed this romance publicly, though the sideline kiss (above) at the USC football game last Thursday made it clear they aren’t hiding their feelings either.

"I have seen Miley with Liam [Hemsworth] and other boyfriends but honestly I have never seen her look as loved up as this," an insider says. "This is more than just a fling, they look like they are falling in love with one another."

Whoa there! We didn’t see the L Word being dropped this quickly.

Cyrus split from Hemsworth in September of last year.

"They might seem like an odd pairing, but they are quite good for each other," a source recently told E! News in regard to Schwarzenegger and Cyrus. "They’ve been friends forever."