Kris Jenner: Trying to "Buy Kendall and Kylie's Affection" Post-Divorce, Source Claims

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Now that Kris Jenner is divorced, she's reportedly worried about her kids drifting away from her.

Makes sense, particularly since Kris spent the holidays alone after being ditched by all of her offspring.

Sources say Kris is deeply worried by the fact that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are now forced to make time for her and their dad separately, and she fears she's losing touch with her two youngest daughters.

So naturally, Kris is attempting to solve the problem the same way that she deals with every other issue - by throwing a bunch of money at it!

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Yes, Kris is attempting to buy her daughters' love...which may be difficult, considering Kylie and Kendall are millionaires in their own right.

"She recently bought the girls expensive matching watches," a source tells Radar Online. "Not to mention the overpriced greyhound puppy she bought Kylie for Christmas."

(Note: Insiders say Kylie is neglecting that puppy already, because of course she is.)

"Kris knows that the girls both favor Bruce," the source adds. "It's obvious that she's trying to buy their affection."

"Kendall has done everything she can to keep her distance from Kris and blames her for the family's demise, whereas Kylie loves her mother but will always take Bruce's side."

Smart girl, Kendall. Kris is nothing but trouble. Besides, once Bruce transitions into a woman, we're sure he'll be all the mom you need.

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