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Oh no. She. Didn’t.

Wendy Williams seemed to go out of her way to piss off the Beyhive on her show this week, and she might have been better off messing with actual stinging insects.

Wendy Williams Trashes Beyonce

It all started off when Wendy began discussing Beyonce’s possible pregnancy announcement

Williams stated that she doesn’t believe Bey is pregnant and sees the fake baby bump photo as just another example of Mrs. Carter "manipulating the media."

If you thought that was unnecessarily harsh, just wait until Williams goes in on Bey for mumbling (seriously):

"She’s not a very good talker," Williams tells her audience. "If you hear her talk, you’re gonna need closed captioning on your TV."

Ouch. Doesn’t she know Bey has obsessive fans? Yes, she does, and she goes off on them, too:

"She’s got these super fans who have no life outside of her," Williams says, "Beyonce has regular fans, but she also has those super fans who live, die, and cry by her. Maybe she’s pregnant maybe she isn’t. In the meantime, Beyonce is manipulating you all again."

Whoa. Williams has a history of attacking celebs for no reason (Remember when she told Jennifer Lawrence to shut up? How about when she said Taylor Swift has soccer mom hair?), but this may be her most random assault to date.

Hopefully, Wendy fully enjoyed her days of not being harassed round the clock on Twitter.