Bruce Jenner Sex Change Rumors Rekindled: Will He Be a Woman Soon?!

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The Bruce Jenner sex change rumors are back with a vengeance, thanks to a new tabloid report claiming that his transition into a woman is nearly complete.

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According to alleged insiders, he is "trying out feminine fashions" like painted nails and sports bras, plus an extra long ponytail ... and may be growing breasts.

You can't make this stuff up. Actually you can, if you're Star (see above, they may very well have made it up out of thin air), but you know what we mean.

Asked by photographers recently if any of these Bruce Jenner sex change rumors going around have any merit to them, the Olympic great was mum.

(Jenner also just attended the female-favorite Kinky Boots performance in L.A., a musical by Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein that's all about drag queens.)

Despite the speculation, his undeniably different appearance, and his breakup from Kris Jenner, the Keeping Up patriarch's family has stood by him unabashedly.

Kris has vocally termed reports of any Bruce Jenner transformation into the opposite sex ridiculous, while some of his children have been just as adamant.

Daughter Kendall Jenner recently discussed the issue on Nightline, expressing her hope to “brush off” any unwanted media attention about her father.

“My family, my friends, they know what’s real,” the model in the making said of the rumors surrounding him. “So what else, why does that matter?”

The sex change rumors first started circulating when Jenner had his Adam’s Apple shaved down, with Bruce insisting he “just didn’t like” his trachea.

He's clearly not happy with more than that. Does it mean he's actually becoming a woman in any true sense? Not necessarily. But it makes you wonder.

Scroll through the photos below and see what you think ...

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